Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

Created by Flint Dille and based off of the toys created by Hasbro Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light ran for a half hour each episode and first came on the air in 1987. It had only had 13 episodes in total making it one of the shortest early cartoon series along with The Wuzzles.

Susan Blu and Jim Cummings, Jim who also played in many later Disney animated cartoons such as Bonkers and Darkwing Duck were voice actors for the show. There was a fairly large cast of voice actors as there were many characters in the show.

The story of the Visionaries is told on Prysmos the planet in which they live on. The Spectral Knights and te Darkling Lords who are two groups of knights which are against one another. Each knight has their own special ability which they can activate when needed.

The Spectral Knights are good and only use their power to help defeat evil while of course the Darkling Lords are using their to defeat the Spectral Knights. The Knights leaded is named Leoric, who is the new leader of New Valarak.

It’s unfortunate the show lasted only 13 episodes because it was a very interesting idea for a cartoon. For those who love knights and magic this was a nice change from the many other cartoons available at the time.


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