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Rankin/Bass Products created the ThunderCats that aired in 1985; the series had a total of 130 episodes each running 22 minutes. ThunderCats like He-Man had a huge following and besides the cartoon series comic books were made.

ThunderCats also had a movie that was shown in 1986 a year after the original series was released. Toonami which is a block of the Cartoon Network also had episodes of ThunderCats even in 1997. To be said however 2007 bough big news as a movie in 2010 is said to be released.

On the planet of Thundera a team of heroes worked together, they are a cat type of human. The planet is dying however and it forces the ThunderCats to leave their planet. Upon leaving they are attacked and only one ship is left.

The one ship that made it out alive contained many of the series heroes and their leader Lion-O along with the Eye which is the source of their power. They eventually reach the planet and their
adventures go from there. They do eventually manage to rebuilt their lost home on a different planet.

The second season titled New ThunderCats brought on different characters then the first season. You can find DVD’s of the ThunderCats at many online stores.


  1. Derek W. Hurd says:

    this is one of the best cartoons out there. It has lots of action, mistery, an a little bit of comedy. the most favorite episode was the Annoument of Lional.
    It is were the members of the thundercats put him to the test to see if he can handle being the leader of the thundercats. they need to make a movie out of it.

  2. harvey duggans says:

    Please contact me so i can buy the 1st thundercat movie that came out n 1987

  3. rob max says:

    legendary cartoon,ha ha although i was 12 at time had a little bro of 5 and a sis of 12 we all loved it,although of course just about a teenager i denied.fact was when me and me crew got together up the ridge,when the girls were there we was all “yeah im panthro or liono”but hey when the girls went on thier trip to garage to get thier latest slap tips,little to thier knowledge,us lads were all debating cheetars arse,ha ha

  4. Annette says:

    Loved Watching It! Thunder! Thunder!Thundercats!

  5. Farid says:

    Hi. I used to watch the series of this cartoon when I was 13 via Qatar or Bahrain TV channel 37 or 55. That time, we had no satellite or Internet. I was in South of Iran very close to these countries and it was easy for me to select the program by a very simple antenna. However, for my generation at that time, Thunder cats was a nice memorable cartoon that still I am 40 , I am interested to watch the series of this cartoon and show it to my son as well.

  6. Farid says:

    by the way, where can I find and download the whole series?


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