The Wuzzles

The Wuzzles

Michael Eisner came up with the idea of an animated television series for Disney called The Wuzzles however it had little success. The episode only had 13 episodes running half an hour each, it first aired 1985 and finished that year.

The Wuzzles was the shortest series Disney ever produced however more were planned to be created but due to the death of one of their lead voice actors they decided not to. This was not the only reason as the show did very poorly in the United States.

The characters in The Wuzzles were colorful creatures that were usually made up of two or more different animal species. For example Bumblelion was half bee and half lion, while Butterbear was half bear and half butterfly.

The Wuzzles live together on an island called Wuz and like the show depicts are cute, cuddly and somewhat like Care Bears. The show was first aired the same time as the Gummi Bears however both shows were on different channels.

The Gummi Bears went on to be quite popular while The Wuzzles did not. It did eventually gain a small fan base but mostly in the United Kingdom.


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Trina Roberts

I loved the wuzzles, they were awesome lol


I had two of the stuffed animals, bumble lion and I can’t remember the other. Awesome cartoon!!


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