The Snorks

The Snorks

The Snorks is an animated tv series produced by the television giants Hanna-Barbera. NBC aired the cartoon from 1984 – 1986, and was syndicated from 1987 – 1988. Created in hopes of becoming as popular as the Smurfs in terms of franchising, the Snorks didn’t quite achieve their goal. The series was enjoyed by many fans but the merchandising idea never quite took off.

The Snorks are a cute little race of small and colorful creatures that live in Snorkland, which is an underwater world. They wear little snorkels on top of their heads, which act as their transportation. Their tubes make a “snork” sound whenever a Snork gets excited about something. They also have some rather “human” characteristics and habits, such as having a monetary currency of “clams.”

It is said in the history of the Snorks, that back in the year 1643 a few of them were brave enough to visit the surface of the ocean. They were witness to a pirate attack against another ship. At the end of the attack, the captain of the ship fell into the water, thus being the first human contact for the Snorks. Since that time, Snorks seem to have taken on many human habits, one of them being the wearing of clothes.


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