The Smoggies

The Smoggies

Cinar created The Smoggies in 1988 and was shown mostly in Canada, however it was later aired in the United States as well called Stop the Smoggies.

In the showthe Suntots are a group who live on an island and like many of the episodes in the series they are fighting off and defending their home land against a group of people called the Smoggies.

The Smoggies come to the island seeking treasure however in their wake they leave behind pollutants in the water and pretty much where every they go. The Suntots fight off the Smoggies preventing them to do any more damage to their beloved island.

It’s not just their homeland they defend from the Smoggies but also a plant called Echo-Tree which is believed to grant youth, this is what the Smoggies are truly after and in pretty much every episodes the Smoggies think of a plan to get it from the Suntots.

Season 1 of The Smoggies contains 52 episodes.


3 thoughts on “The Smoggies


not a huge fan of this show but it does point out something important with our world


That’s the problem with cartoons of today… they don’t really mean anything. I found that older cartoons such as this and especially The Racoons the episodes really taught you something important.

I dunno that’s just what I think.


I loved this cartoon!! even though they were bad, the smoggies were likeable. Suntots were cute too!


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