The Racoons

The Racoons

First broadcasting in 1985 The Racoons lasted a full 5 seasons with 60 episodes and four special episodes. The Racoons was created by Kevin Gillis , Jon Stroll being the music composer and was produced in the Atkinson Fim-Arts then at the brand new Hinton Animation Studio in 1987.

The Racoons being a Canadian made series first aired on the CBC Television and ran from 1985 – 1992 and featured many great Canadian voice actors such as Michael Magee, Len Carlson, Geoffrey Winter, Nick Nicholas, Susan Roman, Sharon Lewis and many others.

The show takes place in a place called the Evergreen Forest which is said to be named after Western Canada. Bert Racoon is the shows main character and he lives there with his friends Ralph and Melissa Racoon in the Racoondominium.

As Cyril Sneer puts it the Racoons usually get in his way, however it’s the Racoons usually saying the day as Cyril is usually portrayed as the bad guy of the show. In some episodes Cyril shows a good side and either helps the Racoons or does a good deed.

Most episodes like many other cartoons of the time feature one of the characters leaning a life lesson in teamwork, cooperation or friendship.


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Just the intro gets you pumped up. another great cartoon that tried to battle with kindness and understanding. I wish there were more shows like this for my kids to watch.
Great moral stories…..this show deserves more then 5 stars!


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