The Mighty Orbots

The Mighty Orbots

This is an American/Japanese series. It usually aired on Saturdays, and was made in 1984. Set in the future with this series of 13 episodes, humans work together with robots and aliens to keep the peace throughout the galaxy.

There are six unique robots that can all come together to form one huge robot named Mighty Orbots. They are the good guys, and strive to keep the peace and order in the galaxy. The bad guys consist of an organization called Shadow.

Unlike the good robots, this is a very massive computer named Umbra. The criminal computer used some mean agents to try to cripple and hurt the peaceful robots, with hopes of one day ruling the entire galaxy. Throughout the shows, they all fight for what they each want. Of course the bad guys lose, and the good guys always win.

One reason that this show did not last, was because of a lawsuit. The creators and the toymakers started fighting each other. Although, this show only ran for two months, the fans are still crazy about it.


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