The Jackson 5ive

The Jackson 5ive

Not a very well known cartoon by many but a cartoon of the 70’s none the less. The Jackson Five’s own animated series called The Jackson 5ive ran from 1971 till 1973 which explains why I have never seen this.

The show was obviously based around the Jackson Five and was somewhat based around their lives of the day, recording music, playing for fans, etc. The show was actually back on the air during 1984 – 1985 as a Saturday Morning cartoon.

The Jackson 5ive had two seasons and a total of 23 episodes and was broadcasted mainly in the United States. The original members of the group were unable to help with the show due to scheduling and their own career however their music was used in the show.


5 thoughts on “The Jackson 5ive


mg i love mj r.i.p. xxxxxx


i love this , is there any way i can burn this to a disk and keep it ia a memory for future generations?/ the jackson are awsome i grew up in the 80s but you are never to old for the jackson five they rock

marilyn (of montgomery, al)

this a cartoon series that the new generation didn’t know about the Jacksons it would be a great way to introduce them to the performers, for the little ones ages 2 and older… i know i would like to collect all 23 episode. its better than those violent, and vendictive cartoons they are showing now


This is only another fact and proof that Michael Jackson was the biggest ever. A cartoon series about a music group?


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