The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers was a cartoon series that aired from 1986 – 1989. It combined science fiction stories with a wild west setting. It was part space opera and part fantasy realm, including swords and sorcery. At the time this show came out, it was thought to be a revolutionary children’s show.

Initially, the episodes of the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers were shown 5 days a week until all of the 65 episodes had been aired. The problem was that they were aired out of order for the most part.

This series was set sometime after the year 2086. Two aliens from the planets known as Andor and Kirwin came to Earth in search of people to help them fight the evil Crown Empire. The Crown Empire was led by the Queen of the Crown.

In exchange for their help, the aliens supplied plans to Earth for a hyper drive. This caused the beginning of interstellar travel, allowing many colonies to be started on distant star-systems. Many of the planets in this series had names that brought to mind Western settings. These included Ozark, Nebraska, Mesa, and Prairie.


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