The Centurions

The Centurions

The Centurions are three brave men who are committed to protecting the Earth’s people from the evil cyborg named Doc Terror. This evil genius wants to conquer the Earth and has Hacker, a cyborg sidekick, along with Doom Drones, as his army of helpers.

However, the Centurions are determined to oppose them at every turn. Doc Terror loves to demand money with his threats to the environment from governments of the world.

Doc Terror is opposed by the three heroic Centurions, each with a unique specialty. May Ray rules the deep as the Oceanic Expert, Jake Rockwell is the brawny land commander, and Ace McCloud is the courageous sky operations specialist.

They are based in an orbiting space station aptly dubbed the Sky vault. Sky Vault is operated by a very intelligent Crystal Kayne, who has a transporter able to equip the Centurions with their exoskeletal weapons systems anywhere they are needed.

Centurions, while an adventurous series, also explored environmental, science fiction and magical themes. Romantic flirtations are also explored to an extent towards the end of the series, which was interesting considering the medium.


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