Silverhawks was a cartoon television series of 65 episodes that ran in 1986. This was created as a space version of Thundercats.

The story is set around a bionic policeman named Commander Stargazer. He recruited members for the Silverhawks, who were part metal and part real. Their mission was to fight Mon Star, who was an evil alien mob boss with the ability to change into a huge armor-plated creature.

Quicksilver is the leader of the Silverhawks. He has a metal bird for a pet named TallyHawk. Members of his team include twins, Steelheart and Steelwill, Col. Blugrass who plays a sonic guitar as well as serves as pilot of the ship, and Copper Kidd, who is a math genius.

Their satellite base was called Hawk Haven and it was located in the Galaxy of Limbo. There appears to be an atmosphere of some sort here since the characters are able to speak in space, and they operate “open-air” vehicles. Gravity also appears to be present as the characters seem to fall down when they lose their footing from something.



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