She-Ra: Princess of Power

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Created by Mattel originally as a toy it eventually develops into an animated series. She-Ra: Princess of Power was soon born; Mattel wanted a cartoon that a younger female audience would watch so they created the show with She-Ra as the lead female character.

The show was much like He-Man but like said above was made to appeal to a young female audience. She-Ra was introduced at one point in an episode of He-Man as a twin of He-Man, She-Ra had been lost for quite some time and the twins had just been reunited.

She-Ra like He-Man has a secret identity that few know about, her original name and title is Princess Adora. She becomes She-Ra to battle the evil that once had control over Etheria. Princess Adora is given the Sword of Protection.

With this sword Princess is given her power to transform into She-Ra and on many episodes battles Hordak who is a horde leader on the opposing side. She-Ra joins a group called the Rebellion who is comprised of a group of warriors who also do battle with Hordak.

Some rumors would set that a remake of She-Ra, this was mentioned because of the remake of He-Man back in 2002 however it never went though.


2 thoughts on “She-Ra: Princess of Power


2nd favorite show..(my little pony takes #1)
Great show with loveable and creative characters.
Had every toy they made, the dolls the castle the horses all of it. Oh how wonderful it was to be a little girl in the 80s


She-Ra, i liked the show, especcially Kowl.
There are a lot of 80s cartoons that rule.

I made a website about that great era as well.

Keep it up, there cant be enough 8s website 🙂


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