The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest is based on the mysteries and adventures Jonny Quest discovers in the virtual reality world known as QuestWorld. The animated series launched on August 26, 1996 and was broadcasted twenty-one times per week on three different television networks (the Cartoon Network, TNT and TBS) and ran until April 16, 1997. The series revolved around the investigations conducted by Dr. Quest on paranormal activity and falls into the science fiction category.

The setting of the show is a three dimensional world designed by computer generation complemented by animated characters. An interesting fact about the production of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest is the amount of time it took the programmers to animate the computer generated characters. An estimated one hundred minutes of video footage was created for QuestWorld which is more than what was used in the movie Toy Story.

Phenomenologist Dr. Quest set the tone for the show along with his adventurous son Jonny who is an enthusiastic and driven teenager looking to help people any way he can.


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