Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite

Produced by Hallmark Cards of all companies in 1984 Rainbow Brite and it’s franchise generated a huge amount of money during its time period in the 80s, the estimated amount being $1 billion dollars. The money came from the animated series, toys, dolls and other products.

The story resolved a little girl who was orphaned, her name was Wisp. She is somehow transported to a world without color and its her duty to bring the color back to the world by finding an object called the Sphere of Light.

While she is searching she meets a sprite named Twink and together they continue their journey to find the Sphere. She also meets a horse named Starlite. The friends eventually rescue seven color kids which each represent a color of the rainbow.

The show aired in the United States, France and Japan during the 80’s and only had one season with a total of 13 episodes.


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This was one of my favorites…another old school cartoon that battled evil with kindness. True 80s style. I had all the rainbow brite toys, even her little dog…lol
Rainbow brite ROCKS!!!!!


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