Care Bears

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The Care Bears are a set of cartoon characters originally created by American Greetings in 1981 to use on greeting cards. Artist Elena Kucharik painted the original concepts of the cute little bears, and 1983, they began appearing on the shelves of toy stores...

Captain Caveman

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Touted as the world’s first super hero, Captain Caveman burst on to the cartoon scene on September 10,197. Created by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, Cavey, as the Teen Angels Brenda, Dee Dee and Taffy renamed him, was a prehistoric caveman frozen in a block of...

Astro Boy

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Produced by Tezuka Productions Astro Boy is actually the remake of an earlier Astro Boy Series. 52 episodes in all were produced and the show first came on the air in 1981 in Japan, the show later could be seen in North America.

The Wuzzles

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Michael Eisner came up with the idea of an animated television series for Disney called The Wuzzles however it had little success. The episode only had 13 episodes running half an hour each, it first aired 1985 and finished that year.


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Created by Greg Weisman Gargoyles was first aired on October of 1994 and was influenced heavily by medieval times. The show was also targeted towards an older audience as the story line was made more complex compared to other cartoons of its time.

Saturday Supercade

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Produced by Ruby-Spears Productions in 1983 Saturday Supercade was a short lived animated television series. Saturday Supercade featured many famous video game characters from the old arcade days. Characters that we all know were found on the show such as Donkey...

The Jackson 5ive

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Not a very well known cartoon by many but a cartoon of the 70’s none the less. The Jackson Five’s own animated series called The Jackson 5ive ran from 1971 till 1973 which explains why I have never seen this.

Hulk Hogan’s Rockin’ Wrestling

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Another great Saturday morning cartoon in the 1980’s that was created due to the popularity of an icon at the time, this time being Hulk Hogan. The series lasted two seasons and ran from 1985 to 1987.