Macron One

Macron One

Macron one is an offshoot of an original series, GoShogun, in which Earth is hit by a meteor, causing it to exude an energy known as Beamler. This energy is used to provide power for a Fortress called GoShogun, which can be teleported to any location.

In 1985, the USA staff implemented footage from GoShogun to develop a similar program, and dubbed it Macron One. A kid is left alone when his father, Nathan Bridger, is killed, leaving him a secret. The secret is a ship with a robot Macron One.

This series also later introduces a test pilot named David Chance, who goes into a parallel universe. This realm is controlled by a very evil group named Grip. When he enters this new universe, David Chance allows Grip to come to Earth, and the battles begin developing.

While this US series was dubbed, it was done very well. The voices can be recognized from their other work in Robotech, Macross, or Harmony Gold. Macron One, however, has a more complete feel in story line with many details and drama, outstripping the competition.


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