Created by Hasbro and first aired on television in 1985, Jem is basically about her and her band and the adventures they have each episode. Jem finished its first run in 1988 and had a total of 65 episodes running 24 minutes each.

The show had a mix of action and drama as the show’s creators were hoping to attract views both girls and boys. Interesting enough but the animation for the show was created by a Japanese studio while the rest was made in the United States.

Stated above the show is mostly about Jem and her band the Holograms. Jem’s alter ego is Jerrica Benton. She works as a manager for a music company, while working fo r the company she saves up money while also using the money she performs as Jem to help build a machine left by her late father.

Like many other cartoons there is always a villain of some type and in Jem it’s the Misfits, a group that is run by a girl named Pizzazz. They usually try to beat Jem and the Holograms showing to the audience that they are better.

While still having a loyal following Jem can be still be seen in video DVD that can be purchased from online stores and eBay.


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Nice site, and especially seeing that you mention Jem!

Just a correction, Jerrica owns half the company Starlight Music, the computer Synergy is already finished and is what enables Jerrica to become Jem by projecting a hologram over her body.


    Thanks for your comments! =)


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