Inhumanoids can best be described as a series that was based on a Hasbro toy property. It was very inventive, in that they named it for the villains of the series. These monsters faced some very interesting heroes, who were also scientists called Earth Corps.

Inhumanoids are a trio of subearth beings who want to wreck havoc and mayhem on the earth. Earth Corps are aided by several elemental beings, who are the Mutores.

Inhumanoids quickly surpassed the usual “Super Sunday” cartoon offerings of the time, and was expanded till there were independent full length shows. Although Inhumaoids lasted only one season, it was one of the first with a strong narrative which linked the episodes in sequence.

Inhumanoids had edgy storylines for its day, complete with very gory breath taking deaths, acid burning and amputations, which today would have a hard time being included in children’s hour programming.

Action figures were produced for this cartoon series by Hasbro in 1986. The original figures hearkened to the connection to Big Sir in the series, with another set of figures planned.


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