Glo Friends

Glo Friends

These are little toys made in the shapes of different kinds of bugs. They were made in the 1980’s. Books were made for each one.

A television show about the insects was aired in 1986, having only 26 shows in one season. The series was about these tiny bugs that lived in a special place deep in a magical forest. They were used by mean moles as slaves. As they could also glow in the dark, some were used to light the tunnels of the mines to find the gold treasures.

There is a whole colony of Glo Friends, ranging in age from babies to elders. The babies just laugh and play, while the elders all do different things. Some have magic powers, some are the bravest ones, others are guards for the water ponds where they all get the Moondrops that make them glow. They were all happy and cheerful, enjoying their fun-filled lives.

The moles were vain and mean. They just wanted all the riches, and did not feel that they should have to work for themselves in order to have them. Though a short lived series, it was enjoyed by many.


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I had all the little rubber toys that glew in the dark. Another Great cartoon
The 80s ROCKED!!!


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