Created by Greg Weisman Gargoyles was first aired on October of 1994 and was influenced heavily by medieval times. The show was also targeted towards an older audience as the story line was made more complex compared to other cartoons of its time.

The show featured a group of Gargoyles led by Goliath who lived in medieval times however they were cursed by a wizard by turning to stone and staying as such until their castle rose above the clouds. Present day a billionaire purchases the castle and has it set above his own skyscraper and now the Gargoyles come back alive after thousands of years.

The show only lasted 3 seasons when it sadly ended in 1996 however you can still catch it on Disney’s Late Night specials and in DVD format though purchases. Some interesting facts is that Star Trek actor Jonathan Frakes and many other from the Trek franchise lent their voices to the show. Also the Gargoyles can be found in Comic Books still to this day.


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