Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock

Not so much a cartoon but deserves honorable mention as it was widely popular during the time and is a cartoon most people can remember from their childhood. Fraggle Rock ran on HBO from 1982 the year I was born to 1987.

Fraggle Rock had a total number of 5 seasons with 96 episodes which is massive for a cartoon or child’s show during this time. Fraggle Rock is actually set to air on several channels even today such as Teletoon Retro and Boomerang.

The series was created by the master himself Jim Henson who is responsible for creating the Muppets. The show featured creatures called Fraggles and was a hit all around the world much like The Muppet Show was.


3 thoughts on “Fraggle Rock

Denise Rehfuss

This was my favorite show as a child. My love for radishes came from watching this show. I bought the season 1 box set and shared it with my 7 year old niece. The themes and lessons taught are timeless. If I ever have children, I will definitely make sure that they get to enjoy this wonderful show. Jim Henson~that man truly had talent. All of this computer graphics stuff doesn’t come close to what he could do with puppets!


    Yes he did have a great talent and he is surely missed.


It was rubish! No for real thow it was the coolest thing back the I think it was even beter then Heman notttttttttt. HEMAN was the best of all time. excapt for GIJOES. but heman had i have the power thats why it rules.


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