Fluppy Dogs

Fluppy Dogs

This special aired on November 27, 1986 and was meant to be a pilot for Walt Disney’s cartoon series. The story line revolved around 5 pastel colored talking dogs that appeared from an inter-dimensional portal.

These were a group of well traveled, cuddly, doglike creatures who used a magic crystal key to open the portals. Becoming lost between worlds, they ended up on Earth. Being mistaken for real dogs, they were caught and impounded. The adventure begins when a 10 year old boy named Jamie adopts Stanley.

The Fluppy Dogs were not like Earth dogs. Fluppy Dogs came from a land with snow and rainbow-like skies. They could walk and speak like humans.

The main Fluppies were named Stanley, Tippi, Ozzie, Bink, and Dink. Their colors were, blue, purple, green, yellow and redish peach. There was also another Fluppy named Fanci, but she was not in the series. Her color was pink.

Fanci appeared in a children’s book that was mainly written for young girls. Also in the book were five other Fluppies.

Having almost no ratings, it was not made into a series. The show was aired again in 1996-1997 but has not been shown since.


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This was a great show….I hated that there wasn’t many episodes…I had the yellow one stuffed animal


I Loved this show we have been looking for it for year to show my children


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