Dynomutt, Dog Wonder

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder

DynoMutt, Dog Wonder was produced by Hanna-Barbera and created by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears. The show featured two super heroes named Dynomutt and Blue Falcon. The series had a total of 20 episodes running about 22 minutes each.

The show was originally broadcasted on ABC in September of 1976 and finished sometime early 1977. Boomerang has been known to show Dynomutt, Dog Wonder along with many other classic cartoons from the 70’s.

DynoMutt, Dog Wonder is about Blue Falcon and of course Dynomutt who is more of an assistant to Blue Falcon. Dynomutt is very clumsy and has the ability to change his body into any mechanical device. He can change into pretty much anything, usually changing into something required during an episode.

Blue Falcon is somewhat a parody of many super heroes but specifically Batman as Blue Flacon has many gadgets and the fast that in his other identity he is a millionaire. The fight bad guys in every episode much like your typical super hero cartoon.

Two seasons were created however the second one I believe had only four episodes and was titled The Blue Falcon and Dynomutt.


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