Dr Snuggles

Dr Snuggles

Another classic non-forgotten animated series of the early 80’s Dr Snuggles! The show ran from 1979 to 1980 and featured only 13 episodes which lasted 25 minutes each. Dr Snuggles was an inventor who along his way had very strange adventures with freinds in a psychedelic world.

His friends were mainly talking animals who helped him along the way. Spending most of his time inventing things such as robots, fire-proof lotion and many other strange inventions. He travels on a talking pogo-stick and a ship called Boom Boom actually Dreamy Boom Boom. I had to dig deep to find this one as it was on TV mostly in the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Germany.

The show was created by Jeffrey O’Kelly and stared John Challis who played parts in Doctor Who and Coronation Street.


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