This show was aired 1987-1988. At the time, it was owned by Coca-Cola. There were 65 episodes, and aired one season. The plot is built around the Dinosaucers and their enemies, the Tryannos. All of them are very smart.

The Dinosaucers consist of eight members and work only for the good. They also have four humans who work with them, and who have special powers of their own.

The Tryannos work alone and have seven in their group. They also never seem to win any conflicts. All of them have a different sense of humor. Some are rather proud, like the mean leader, and some are very easy going.

It seems that the Dinosaucers have the ability to change into a different state called Dinovolving, and the Tryannos want to steal their secret. Although they have a gun that does about the same thing, it just does not leave the ability of thinking and talking. In most cases, it gets used against them. They also have something that will turn one into stone, and back again. This is more of a comedy than a scary show, full of laughter.


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