Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck was created by Tad Stones, first aired in 1991 and continued till 1995 having 91 episodes in all. Darkwing Duck something I didn’t know was actually Emmy-nominated and was produced of course by The Walt Disney Company.

It was shown on The Disney Afternoon and could also be seen on ABC Saturday mornings. Due to the huge success of Disney’s Duck Tales Darkwing Duck was created. Like TaleSpin Launchpad McQuack was set to be the leading roll however they kept him in the show as Darkwings assistant.

The show is based on Darkwing Duck who is a father by day and superhero by night. Darkwings real name is Drake Mallard and he lives as an average citizen with his adopted daughter Gosalyn Mallard. Only Launchpad, Gosalyn and Honker Muddlefoot who is Gosalyn’s best friend knows his secret identity.

Darkwing battles many foes such as NegaDuck, Megavolt, Quacker Jack, The Liquidator and many more usually putting a stop to their evil ways. Darkwing also has several friends and allies to help him out as much as he did not like to work with others.

GizmoDuck and Launchpad can also be seen in Disney’s Duck Tales, as well as Drake Mallard who is Darkwing Duck can be seen in Disney’s Bonkers.


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