Care Bears

Care Bears

The Care Bears are a set of cartoon characters originally created by American Greetings in 1981 to use on greeting cards. Artist Elena Kucharik painted the original concepts of the cute little bears, and 1983, they began appearing on the shelves of toy stores as plush teddy bears.

Every Care Bear has its own unique color and special signature on its stomach, showing its personality and duty. These were originally called their “tummy symbol.” In their newest movie, Oopsy Does It! however, these were referred to as their “belly badges.” The entire Care Bear family consists of the original 10 bears named for their special personalities, as well as the Care Bear cousins, which were added later.

These adorable bears had their own television series which ran from 1985 – 1988, as well as three motion pictures during that time. These movies were The Care Bears Movie, Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation, and the Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland.

Throughout their movies and television episodes there were villains who tried to harm the Care Bears in different ways. But the Care Bears, using their special gifts, always won.

The Care Bear toys were re-launched in 2002 with new and better features, such as lighted tummies and glow in the dark effects. These wonderful little bears are still being sold today.


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