Captain N: The Game Master

Captain N: The Game Master

Captain N. Game Master was an animated television series that featured some of the most popular Nintendo video game characters of its time. The show aired in 1989 and appeared on the Saturday morning cartoon line-up on NBC until 1991 when it was canceled.

The story of the show began when Kevin Keene and his dog were sucked into their television set by the Ultimate Warp Zone and summoned to another universe called Videoland to protect its inhabitants from the evil doers of Metroid led by the evil genius known as Mother Brain.

Kevin’s destiny in Videoland was to become Captain N. Game Master and to lead his team against the descendants of Metroid with his trusty Zapper and belt buckle in the shape and design of an NES controller.

The N Team was backed by Princess Lana, Duke the dog, Simon Belmont, Kid Icuras and Mega Man as they fought to bring justice to the opposing forces including King Hippo, Eggplant Wizard and Dr. Wily. The remainder of the N Team heroes originated from other popular Nintendo video games of the time such as Link from Zelda II and Dragon Lord from Dragon Warrior.


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