BraveStarr was a cartoon created around the idea of an American space Western. Original episodes aired from September 1987 – February 1988.

Set in the 23rd century, the location of the series was on a far away planet called New Texas. This planet was said to be located 600 parsec from the Earth, and has 3 suns. Native New Texans were called Prairie People, who were small human type creatures that also looked a bit like prairie dogs. They had been colonized by a multi-planet government. Most of the episodes were about keeping villains from stealing the natural resource of Kerium from the planet.

This cartoon series was made to resemble the American Old West in many ways. However, New Texas was mainly inhabited by humans, aliens and robots. There was also “solacow” ranching. The “solacows” were a lot like big cattle.

BraveStarr, like many other cartoon series, tried to show a moral lesson at the end of every episode. One such episode was called “The Price.” In this one, a boy buys a drug known as “Spin.” He becomes addicted to it and dies from an overdose at the end of the episode. It seems that BraveStarr attempted to keep up with the times when choosing their moral lessons for each episode.


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