Biker Mice from Mars

Biker Mice from Mars

In the early 90’s Rick Ungar came up with the idea for a new cartoon and in 1993 Biker Mice from Mars started playing in the United States. The cartoon completed three full seasonbs before it was calcined in 1996.

The series ran for 30 minutes and had a number of 65 episodes in total and was well received in its time. The show starred three mice named Throttle, Modo and Vinnie.

They came from Mars obviously and drove motorcycles battling evil like your typical cartoon. When their plant was in danger of being wiped out by an alien race they escaped and crash-landed in Chicago where they meet a friend who happens to be a mechanic.


3 thoughts on “Biker Mice from Mars


I used to love this cartoon everyday after school I would watch it lol


i only remember the pilot and christmas ep.


    I can’t remember the Christmas EP but possibly would have seen the pilot, wasn’t my kind of cartoon =P


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