Produced by Nelvana Limted and the Clifford Ross Company in Canada Babar and ran from 1987 to 1989. The show is based off of Jean de Brunhoff’s books. On an interesting note Babar was Nelvana’s first interational co-production.

Babar had a large voice cast and had such voice actors as; Gordon Pinsent, Dawn Greenhalgh, Benjamin Barrett, Stuart Stone, Jeff Pustil, Paul Haddad, Stephen Ouimette, Elizabeth Hannah, John Stocker, Chris Wiggins

Having the series based on the original books the story is told by Babar to his children, a story of himself as a young elephant and his many adventures. Babar finds he is able to climb above his challenges finding strength in himself.

He is crowned king of the elephants and makes plans to build a city he calls Celesteville, eventually he marries and has children of his own and this leads back to the beginning of the story where he is reading to his current children.

Like many other cartoons there is always a rivial to good and in Babar he’s sometimes good and sometimes bad his name is Lord Rataxes .


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