Astro Boy

Astro Boy

Produced by Tezuka Productions Astro Boy is actually the remake of an earlier Astro Boy Series. 52 episodes in all were produced and the show first came on the air in 1981 in Japan, the show later could be seen in North America.

Unlike many other cartoons episodes in Astro Boy were sometimes quite sad and dark. The show was also produced with different subtitles and had a Canadian version, however it was in this version that the characters went by different names.

The show is set in 2030 and Dr. Boynton is trying to create a robot that will have act as a human and also have human emotions. His son Tobio says he should make a boy-robot, inspired he starts to create the Robot.

His father said he would take Tobio to the park however Dr. Boynton at the moment is quite busy. Tobio sad takes his father’s car for a drive and unfortunately crashes and sadly dies in the hospital. His last wish is for his father to complete the robot.

Astro Boy is remember by many who watched these classic cartoons of the 80s.


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