I’m BACK! Seriously!

I’m BACK! Seriously!

So I’ve been seriously slacking on updating this website for years now and it’s about time I make the change and focus my attention on adding more cartoons and information. I would like to apologize to everyone who visited this site in the past and still to this day because while the site remained inactive my head and heart were just not into it.

I don’t want to go into much information about my own life at this time but what I do want to let you all know is that expect daily cartoons added to this website, at least 3 new ones. I mainly focus on cartoons from the 1970’s to the 1990’s and you can view those by clicking the links on the far left. It’s difficult adding material as I do not have as much time to allocate to this website however I am taking a stance and making the effort to make this site live.

At one point was on the main page of if you searched for old cartoons and now due to the lack of updates it’s been pushed back a few pages HOWEVER as I have said things are going to change. Please check back often for more updates and blog postings. I want to also start doing some video reviews for cartoons that I grew up watching I Think that would also be popular among people of my age group.

Anyway that’s it for now I just wanted to say that I am still around and working on this site.

Thanks everyone!

– Mike


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